Philips Recall

All West Care Sleep Therapy’s patients’ devices that were impacted by the Philips recall were registered though the Philips DME portal and have been issued an authorization.

Currently, we are happy to announce that West Care Sleep Therapy has started to receive the replacement devices in our clinics. This process has proven to be slow due to the many challenges of raw material supply shortages and logistical delays.

As we receive the replacement devices, they will be allocated by serial number. Please make sure that your current contact information is up to date with West Care Sleep Therapy as this could present a delay in receiving your equipment.

Please understand we are experiencing high call volumes in our clinics regarding the Philips recall, but we would like to remind you that replacement devices are on the way, and you will be notified as soon as your device has been received.

Once your device is received in your local clinic we will contact you to book a quick appointment in the clinic to complete the exchange and provide you with education on how to use your new device. The Philips recall replacement device includes replacement device, power cords, manual and bag. Please note mask, tubing and filters are not include with the recall. Please let us know at the time of booking your appointment if you require to purchase a new CPAP mask, tubing, or filters.  
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